Saturday, August 25, 2007

All set to start!

Today was the first official event for the incoming class.

Most of the incoming class has taken the Kellogg Laptop Program and we got them configured and did the setup to get going. Some banks and cellphone service providers also had their stalls to help the new students open their accounts.

The college looked very vibrant today with so many students from different nationalities. Most of us are starting our KWEST trips tomorrow and everyone is very excited about it.

Most of the incoming class has moved in over the last two days and everyone has been busy unpacking and settling down. We have been forewarned that we would have no time for settling down once we start the CIM.

I am almost settled and I think I just to buy grocery. We guys spent most of the post lunch time sitting and talking to the other students. Went out for dinner pretty late in the night and saw there were lots of Kellogg students out there at most of the places that were open.

I have to do some community service tomorrow and then my KWEST trip members will meet for BBQ dinner. Day after we fly out of Chicago. My trip leaders are a fun bunch and I am hoping it would be a great trip. Time to hit bed as tomorrow would be a long day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A New Beginning!

Over the last few months a lot of things have changed.

I have made a lot of new friends. I have set new goals and there are new challenges!

I would soon start a new journey. The next two years would be the best years of my life is what most of the friends who are at kellogg or have done their MBA seem to say.

I got my admit in december and quit my job in Jan. I worked with a consulting firm for a few months before taking a two month long break. It was a lot of fun being with family and friends. Reading books and meeting people! I enjoyed every moment of it.

I am in Chicago now, Evanston to be more precise. I am excited about the upcoming KWEST trip, which would be an awesome start to our two years at Kellogg. We would bond with our fellow classmates and seniors over a fun filled trip. You can find out more details about it here.

I have met a few of my would be classmates and we have had a lot of fun over the last few months. The experience so far has been great as all of them have something really interesting in their profile, they are all accomplished and the best part is they are all very humble and fun loving.

Chicago seems to be a really nice city. The downtown is very impressive and there are a lot of activities to have fun. However, it seems to be seen how my opinion would be after I experience the winters here!!!!

I have been told that the next few months would be crazy! And would leave us with no free time at all. I plan to write regularly, but only time will tell if I can do that.

The applicants for the class of 2010 would have started working on their applications in full swing now so good luck to you all!

Friday, December 22, 2006


I am in at Kellogg !

I am speechless.. I am not able to think and I am so happy !!
Would get back with more details :)

Thanks guys for all the wishes!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Duke needs more time!

Got waitlisted at Duke, was kind of expecting it as they were unable to schedule my interview as there were no slots free. So, I am happily confused ! Happy because I am not dinged and confused because it's not yet a Yes. But my waitlist strategy would have to wait till I hear from other biggies.

It was an eventful day for blogging community as iday and Alex got an admit from Chicago, rungee got into LBS and Duke and juggler made it to Chicago and Kellogg!!

Great job guys!! What a way to start a new year :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Chicago and Wharton and yeah how can I forget Kellogg decision might be just around the corner for me as I interviewed on 27th Nov and it is already the 4th week.

Good luck all!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

UNC Loves me too !!

Got accepted at UNC as well.

Have my Ross telephonic interview day after and I am not able to concentrate on that at all. I really need to motivate myself and push myself out of this complacency and be serious with the Ross interview.

19-21st will be the days to watch out for as Duke (19th), Chicago (20th) and Wharton (21st) will be releasing their decisions and yours truly has to hear from all of them.

Having Darden in hand has made me a little less anxious, but it will be eventful nevertheless :)

Good luck to all others.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Darden Loves Me!!

I just happened to check my online application status and I saw the status as "Offer". Clicked on it to find out that I have been accepted at the Darden School of Business !!!!

It is a great feeling to know that all the hard work finally paid. I think I should get the official call or email tonight.

Good luck to all others!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Waiting for the Big News

I have had a pretty hectic last few days as I had my interviews on 27th, 28th, 29th and 1st Dec. On second I was a free bird and it was a great feeling to have finally finished such a long and tiresome process. I wont calling it boring, but yes it definitely was taxing.

I will soon have a post on how the interviews were, I know it is too late for people interviewing for Round one, but I hope it will help people targetting Round 2. I was travelling and this back to back interviews hardly left me with anytime in between.

I heard from Ross today and have scheduled my telephonic interview. I hope by then I would have an admit in my hand from either Darden (decision date 8th Dec) or UNC (decision date 11th)

As of now I am gymming, reading books and in between wondering how to kill time and have fun !!